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Elerethe Renferal Guide (MYTHIC) - Smaragdgrüner Alptraum / Emerald Nightmare

We have professional experienced World of Warcraft players in our team to bring you the best WoW boosting service. Most of guilds and players we work with are TOP30 rated in ladder, it makes us sure that any boost will be done as fast as its possible and without any wipes. We work with more than 10 guilds to cover most days in raiding schedule for Alliance and Horde sides, thats the reason why almost any service you purchase will be completed within same evening.  Every single boosting agent is using VPN to secure your account from Blizzard attention and security of your account is our main priority.

We do offer:

The emerald nightmare boost: loot runs and achievements

Mythic dungeons boost

PvE mythic gear boost

PvE achievements

Trial of the Crusader - was founded
Icecrown Citadel & The Ruby Sanctum

Blackwing Descent & The Bastion of Twilight & Throne of the Four Winds
Dragon Soul

Mogu'shan Vaults
Terrace of Endless Spring & Heart of Fear
Throne of Thunder
Siege of Orgrimmar

Blackrock Foundry
Hellfire Citadel

The Emerald Nightmare & Mythic dungeons

We are working since Wrath of Lich King expansion and performed boosts more than in 10 raid contents. Over 2000 satisfied and returning customers proved GetHigh boosting service professionalism. And yeah, we are prepared for the Legion!  : )

There are absolutely no any requirements for your character, specialization or gear level to attend these raids in piloted or selfplay modes. But if your gear is really good for mythic achievements, sometimes we are able to reduce our prices.

Nythendra Guide (LFR / Normal / HEROIC) - Smaragdgrüner Alptraum / Emerald Nightmare

Nythendra Guide (MYTHIC) - Smaragdgrüner Alptraum / Emerald Nightmare

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